DSV (Germany)

LLC DSV-Ukraine is a subsidiary of Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV), which was founded in 2010 in Ukraine.

DSV is a leading German company in the field of plant growing, which has a 90-year history. Approximately 800 shareholders, mainly farmers and employees who hold shares in the equity of DSV (10% shareholder maximum).

DSV maintains a significant stake in the capital of prominent crop production companies in the country and beyond, and has 100% subsidiaries in Poland, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and including Ukraine. More than 600 workers are recruited to work with DSV.

The company has a large number of different stations for the withdrawal of new types of seeds located in all the climatic zones of Europe. Ukraine is in the continental climate zone and DSV has for many years been engaged in purposeful selection of varieties and hybrids for this zone. The hard work in selection and research allowed DSV to take leading positions in Germany, Europe and Ukraine.

Selection, production, advising and marketing of seed grain is the main goal of the company. The main task is the selection of herbs, rape, corn (sale), cereals and intermediate crops. "Everything from a single manufacturer" - is the company's main motto.

Catalog of Seeds