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Construction and engineering

Eridon Bud LLC engineering, general contracting, construction, reconstruction of agricultural productions, granaries, cowsheds, pig farms, warehouses, seed and feed mills, their repair and comprehensive maintenance service.

Eridon Bud team - is the highest value of the company, which includes highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the construction industry, business activities and administration management.


General engineering of objects of any complexity

General contract in the construction industry

Professional equipment installation and maintenance services

Sales and equipment installation for dairy farms and stall equipment manufactured by Zimmerman (Germany)

Sales and equipment installation for feed milling, feed milling plant building on a turnkey basis

Sales and installation of sprinkler and irrigation systems by RKD IRRIGACION (Spain)

Sales and installation of transport equipment of Eridon Bud LLC

Ready-made solutions for grain warehouse storage of Jema (Denmark)


  • Complex approach from designing to putting into commission. Transparent pricing. Single responsibility
  • Optimization of designing, selection of equipment and technologies for individual needs of the Customer. Maintenance of operating enterprises
  • Unique experience in successful realization of objects with diverse complexity and wide range of appointments
  • Constant quality control. Guarantee. Service and training of the Customer's staff
  • Modern park of machinery and equipment

Our services allow you not only to build or expand production, but also to make it as efficient and profitable as possible.

Contacts of ERIDON BUD LLC

3 Chornovola Lane,
village Sofiyivska Borshchagivka

+380 (44) 354 35 66


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