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Agricultural production

The group of companies Eridon is actively developing Crop farming (marketable and seed directions) and Livestock farming (meat and dairy directions), using advanced technologies, investing its own investments in the infrastructure of almost 50 villages, providing thousands of jobs and sustainable development of the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine in the whole.
Crop farming
75 ha
per 1 employee
423 units
highly productive agricultural machinery
2 grain elevators
158 000 tons of simultaneous storage
5 grain storage facilities
70 000 tons of simultaneous storage
2000 ha
irrigation system area
Livestock farming
1 500
dairy cattle heads
28 l/head
milk yield per cow 
2 700
cattle breeding stock
up to 550 kg
beef slaughter weight
1 450 ha
own pastures

Agricultural enterprises

Years of accession of agricultural enterprises to the ERIDON group of companies

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