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Seed production

Specialists of the ERIDON сompany are constantly working on expanding the access of the Ukrainian agrarians to the best global genetics of agricultural crops. In particular, for this purpose, our company is engaged in the production of seeds of a number of well-known foreign selection genetic companies, using own production facilities.

The production of seeds in the ERIDON company is a complete complex, starting from the establishment of plot for hybridization, super elite and elite, and ending with the factory production of sowing material, including its treatment and package at own seed plant.

The seed plant of the ERIDON company is located in the village of Pochuiky, Popilnyanskyi district, Zhytomyr region and was put into operation in 2009. It is fitted with equipment of a recognized world leader - the German company Petkus and the electron-optical sorting machine Sortex Z + 2B of Buhler company. The plant has the highest level of automation and computerization of all production processes. Its capacity is 240 tons/day with an output of 6000 tons of simultaneous storage of seed material in Grain bins.

Strong seed -
Healthy yield!

The list of seeds that we produce includes:

  • Wheat (winter and spring)
  • Barley (winter and spring)
  • Soy
  • Corn

*The list will be expanded

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