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  • Agricultural commodities sales

Agricultural commodities sales

Eridon Group of Companies belongs to the largest agricultural enterprises in Ukraine with 30 years of history.

Over the years, Eridon Group of Companies has established reliable relations with Ukrainian farmers. The total amount of agricultural products from farmers and Eridon’s growing is 1,000,000 tons per year for export to foreign markets.



Wide range of products

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Well-established logistic routes to the EU countries


  • Big Bag (canvas-covered trucks)
  • Grain carriers (Big Bags; in bulk)


  • Ukrainian open wagons (Big Bags; in bulk)
  • Ukrainian grain hoppers (in bulk)
  • European open wagons (Big Bags; in bulk)
  • European grain hoppers (in bulk)
  • Сontainers (Big Bags; in bulk)


  • Hopper barge (in bulk)
  • Containers (Big Bags; in bulk)
  • Bulk carrier

Available certificates

  • GMP+
  • ISCC

Own wagons

  • Ukrainian
  • European

Own elevator capacities

  • Route elevators with a total capacity of up to 100,000 tons of simultaneous storage
  • Grain warehouses with a total capacity of up to 70,000 tons of simultaneous storage
Distribution of crop protection products, seeds, and fertilizers
The company operates 60 warehouses covering 100,000 m2, has its fleet of 65 trucks, and 33 subdivisions located in each region of Ukraine, serving 11,000 agrarians.
Agricultural production
11 enterprises with a land plot of 55,000 hectares, own livestock complexes for breeding beef cattle and fattening bulls (5,000 heads), robotic dairy farms (2,700 heads), 1,450 hectares of private pastures, 2 route elevators with 100,000 tons of simultaneous storage, 2,000 hectares of irrigated farmland, a seed plant for processing grain crops as well as a seed plant for processing corn and sunflower seeds.
Sunflower and corn processing
A corn deep processing plant for producing L-lysine sulfate 70%, gluten, fiber, and germ, as well as an oil extraction plant for processing sunflower seeds into unrefined oil, meal, and husk.
Distribution of agricultural machinery and spare parts, service maintenance
Eridon Tech LLC is among the long-term leaders in supplying agricultural machinery from well-known global manufacturers such as Claas, Kuhn, Lemken, Farmet, Great Plains, Claydon, Dieci, Stara, and other manufacturers to the Ukrainian market. It holds its representative offices in different regions of Ukraine.
Full range of construction services
Eridon Bud LLC provides such services as engineering, general contracting, construction, reconstruction of agricultural production facilities, granaries, cowsheds, pig farms, warehouses, seed and feed plants, as well as their repair and complete service (over 265 completed projects).
Ethanol industry
«BorokSpyrt» plant produces non-denatured rectified ethanol and dry distiller’s grains by processing different types of grain crops (the main crop is corn, while others are wheat, rye, and triticale).
In 2019, Eridon launched a representative office in Kazakhstan, , followed by the opening of Eridon in Poland at the beginning of 2022 to facilitate sales of agricultural products to the EU.
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