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Miller Chemical and Fertilizer LLC (The USA)

Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC has been a leader and innovator of specialty agricultural products for more than 80 years. Miller committed in responding to a global agricultural market that demands sensible, efficient and effective performance solutions to improve crop yields and quality.

Miller’s core areas of focus include but is not limited to^

  • specialty adjuvants
  • plant nutrition
  • anti-transpirants
  • plant growth regulators
  • soil complexing agents
  • abiotic stress products
  • organic compliant inputs

Most formulation technologies are proprietary in nature or covered by patents.

Our product offerings are science and data driven supported by years of university, consultant and field development grower trials. Miller believes in fostering strong grower and distributor relationships. We strive to meet their needs and objectives of delivering consistent results and enhanced value.

In Ukraine, the product portfolio is included:

  • Multimaster
  • Millerplex
  • Agrostrada
  • Spray-Aide and Spray-Aide Complex
  • Cytokin
  • Vapor Gard
  • Foam Fighter
  • Mist Control

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