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Ecoculture («Екокалче», Spain and United Kingdom)

Ecoculture is an Anglo-Spanish company with a strong multinational character.

The company is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by exporting successful products for all types of crops around the world.
By implementing cultivation programs with the company's products, growers around the world get all the benefits of the latest technologies developed by the Ecocalche R&D department, achieving extraordinary results and yields.

The company applies the principles of responsible food production, through an understanding of the needs of both plants and the food industry. Working with producers, agronomists, food groups and researchers, Ecocalche can implement the latest scientific innovations in its product line for the benefit of the entire food production chain. With this unique experience, Ecocalche provides unprecedented support to their core product range and offer new product developments to meet customer needs.

In Ukraine, the company is represented by a series of Premiant products, which are aimed at high-tech cultivation of basic and special crops.

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