Belchim (Belgium)


Belchim, founded in Belgium in 1987 by Mr Dirk Putteman, Managing Director, develops and sells crop protection products. Rapidly growing company Belchim has established good relations with the Japanese company ISK, using their research base to develop their own innovative products. In recent years, Belchim has also entered into a strategic alliance with the agricultural business unit of Mitsui Chemicals and further expanded its portfolio of innovative products. Currently, 60% of Belchim products are innovative.

At the same time, the company has great scientific and research potential, which is the main source of growth of its business and further development of its own product portfolio.

The Belgian company has been a significant player in the European market for more than thirty years. At first, Belchim successfully acquired the French company Jade SARL, Croatian national distributor Orchem and German Proagro, and also adopted the German crop protection product line against pests Helm Ag, which further strengthened its market position in the Europe. In 2017 the company announced that Engage Agro USA, LLC officially became Belchim Crop Protection USA, LLC. Buyback of shares Engage Agro USA provided a ready platform for expanding access to US markets for the innovative agrochemical and bio-oriented assortment of Belchim.

Currently, the company continues its active expansion into other markets and began to look for new strategic partners. Belchim started cooperation with the company "Eridon" - the largest Ukrainian distributor.

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