Consulting support

Our team of professional managers and experts on engineering support, having a great experience, offers to our customers complex consultative support. You obtain comprehensive solutions from A to Z regarding technology of crops growing and harvesting.

This service covers complex consulting, including selection of crops, seeds, systems of protection and nutrition. In order to obtain the highest profitability, we apply an individual approach, taking into account climate-soil conditions, customer's personal wishes and economic justifications.

What is consulting support?

  • General initial assessment of soils, plants and harmful objects
  • Selection of optimal hybrids / varieties, systems of protection and nutrition according to specific climatic and soil conditions and customer’s needs with economic justifications
  • Help in the development of flow process charts
  • Service of foliar diagnosis, providing information on the needs of plants in macro-, meso- and micronutrients (available in Khmelnytsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv- regions)

  • General agronomic support
  • Conducting of own small-plot and production experiments for complex selection of optimal varieties / hybrids and growing technologies for different climatic and soil conditions.
  • Conducting of training programs, field seminars and consultations in all regions of Ukraine
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