ROSIER S.A. is a mineral fertiliser manufacturer based in Moustier (Belgium) since 1880.

ROSIER is listed on the Brussels Euronext Stock Market and is part of the Borealis Group chemical division. 

Thanks to perfectly adapted and well-equipped industrial facilities, ROSIER is able to offer environmentally-friendly products that provide users with the best economical yield.

Rosier product portfolio includes:

  • The ROSAFERT® range which comprised of compound PK, NPK, NPKSCa, NPKSCa+МЕ granulated fertilisers;
  • Specialty fertilisers lines ROSALIQ® and ROSASOL® with macro, meso and micronutrients for full range of field and special crops.

ROSIER S.A. is able to provide their customers with products for all nutritional needs of any crop in any climatic, soil and economical conditions, which probably explains why ROSIER has their subsidiaries in over 100 countries.

Сatalog of Fertilizers

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