RAGT semences

RAGT Semences is one of Europe’s leading breeders and seed producers in the international market.

RAGT Semences aims to meet farmers’ needs for high-quality corn and sunflower seed, rapeseed, cereal and forage crops.
Our corn, sunflower and sorghum hybrids occupy a leading position in the European market.

  • We employ 1260 researchers exclusively devoted to the agricultural sector
  • The Research Department employs 300 breeders working on 26 field crops.

Our progress is highlighted by our results:

  • 150 corn hybrids
  • 50 sunflower hybrids (many now registered in Ukraine) 
  • the high quality of our production in France

Since the 2000s, RAGT Semences has been developing its activity in Ukraine, where RAGT hybrid corn, sunflower and sorghum seeds are highly valued by Ukrainian farmers.

Catalog of Seeds

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