SESVanderHave (Belgium)

SESVanderHave was incorporated in 2005, through the merger of the Belgian company SES Europe and the Dutch enterprise DJ VanderHave. Both companies boast a long and rich tradition: together they have almost 200 years of experience in the field of sugar beets. 

SESVanderHave is the global market leader in the sugar beet seed industry. Each year, SESVanderHave processes and sells one and a half million units of sugar beet seed. Each unit containing one hundred thousand seeds, in the recognised blue colour of SESVanderHave (except for the USA, where the SESVanderHave seeds are pink). These seeds are sold and sown in over fifty countries worldwide. 

To achieve this, SESVanderHave has a network of businesses and local agents all over the world. Three high-tech, state-of-the-art factories in Tienen (Belgium), Kiev (the Ukraine), and Alexeyevka (Russia) process the majority of the seeds. SESVanderHave controls more than 30% of Ukrainian sugar beet seed market.

Catalog of Seeds

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