Euralis Semences (France)

Cooperative Group Euralis was created in the south-west of France in 1936 by French farmers, producers of wheat. Actually the Group consists of  12,000 farmers and 5,200 employees.

Euralis Semences, Euralis Seeds Division, is one of the leading European seeds companies. Every year, the company invests 13% of its turnover to research the best hybrids adapted to different production zones. The production of high quality seeds are provided by three factories of the company: the first of them is situated in Lescar (France), the second in Seville (Spain), and the third near Cherkassy (Ukraine), Bilozirye village (all of them are the identical high-quality production). Euralis Semences`breeeders implement the most innovative laboratory technologies and more than 20-years experience in molecular marking and biotechnology to accelerate genetic progress. These technologies are supported by a wide net of trials on more than 500.000 plots across Europe.

Euralis Semences Ukraine (Ukrainian division of the French cooperative Euralis Group) has 350 employees and fully controls the vertically integrated seed production cycle: field production, treatment and conditioning of seeds at the Euralis plant in Cherkassy region, operational marketing and commercialization within Ukraine. Annually the company annually provides a wide network of demo fields trials of its products throughout Ukraine, and the Department of Research and Development tests hybrids and valuate their adaptability to our climate. 

Euralis Semences Ukraine offers to farmers corn hybrid seeds from early to mid-late FAO, sunflower seeds that meet the needs of farmers in all market segments, as well as soybean, sorghum and winter rape seeds.

Catalog of Seeds

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