«Avgust» is an international company for the production and sale of chemical crop protection products for agricultural production. For today, «Avgust»’s products are sold in 14 countries and in 7 more are being registered. On Ukrainian crop protection, market products of «Avgust» first appeared in 2003. Now the company’s product portfolio covers more than 50 products.

Production is located in Belarus at a powerful production base - the plant «Avgust-Bel». It is the largest modern plant for the crop protection products in the Republic of Belarus, which started its work in 2009. Enterprise is equipped with high-tech equipment from leading European manufacturers. The plant's laboratory has the best instruments that allow controlling the entrance of raw materials and manufacturing preparations, which ensures the high quality of the manufactured products. The powerful scientific division of the company develops high-tech preparative forms, selecting the most effective and original combination of active substances.

«Avgust»’s regional service has a reputation as one of the most efficient and professional in the industry, offering agribusinesses complete and innovative plant protection solutions.

Сatalog of crop protection products