The plant has additionally mounted electronic optical sorting machine Sortex Z+2B Buhler. Plant equipment allows receiving the seed material of the highest quality without any defects. There was also a batch dresser CT-100 Petkus additionally mounted at the plant, which improved the dressing quality and enabled incrustation of sunflower and rape seeds.


We provide the following services of seed material processing:



Wetness of seeds is one of the most important quality characteristics. If seed wetness is higher than the standard level, it shall be reduced to the rated level with the help of drying, in order to avoid loss of sowing conditions.



Seed cleaning process implies several stages. For this purpose primary and secondary cleaning machines are used first to remove fine grains, weed seeds and plant residues. Then long and short impurities are sorted in the gravity separator, and then seeds go to pneumatic table where they are sorted by specific gravity.



There are screens with different width of holes used to divide seeds by size into several fractions depending on the material and demands. Calibration is carried out to ensure precise single-piece sowing, and is applied to the seeds of corn, sunflower and other crops.



As plants at their early development stage are vulnerable to affection of invaders and diseases, seed dressing is required. The dressing process takes place at the modern batch dresser, which ensures uniform application of preparations onto the seed surface with precise dosage.



Depending on the customer's will, seeds are packed into bags 5 to 50 kg, or into big bags 200 to 1000 kg.


We process seeds of the following crops:

  • rape
  • wheat
  • corn
  • sunflower
  • soybean
  • barley
  • mustard
  • peanut
  • flax


Example of crop seeds processing:

Before processing            After processing



 r_1.jpg          r_2.jpg


 p_1.jpg          p_2.jpg


 _1.jpg          _2.jpg


 s_1.jpg          s_2.jpg


 soya__do          __677 


 __678          __679


High professional level of specialists carrying out permanent quality control of processes at all stages of seed material processing, combined with the best modern equipment ensure the European level of end product quality.