Distribution of seeds in Ukraine

Eridon's goal is to provide its partners with seeds of the highest quality, so that farmers are able to get high crops. This principle of business enables the company to hold the leadership at the market of agricultural crop seeds in Ukraine.


Eridon offers a wide range of the products from the following world famous manufacturers:


corn   •   sunflower


corn   •   sunflower   •   winter rape   •   spring rape   •   sorghum



corn   •   sunflower



corn   •   sunflower


corn   •   winter rape   •   spring rape


corn   •   sunflower   •   winter rape   •   spring rape



sugar beet



corn   •   sunflower   •   winter rape   •   sugar beet   •   sorghum 







         winter wheat   •   spring wheat   •   winter barley   •   winter rape   •   spring rape         flax oil   •   alfalfa   •   grass mixtures



corn   •   sunflower   •   sorghum



Please contact our representative office in your region to get the full information and to use the consulting services on the seeds range represented by Eridon.