Sulfoammophos NP+S

Sulfoammophos is a generic water soluble granulated complex nitric and phosphoric fertilizer (NH4)2HPO4+(NH4)2SO4.

 This product is non-compressive, non-hygroscopic, with balanced grain-size composition, not dusty.

It features better phosphor solubility and correlation between nitrogen and phosphor than ammophos.

Nitrogen in sulfoammophosis is represented in ammonium form, due to which it is not eluated from soil and promotes in more intensive penetration of phosphate ions into plant root system.

The composition of this fertilizer includes sulfur providing for the increase of gluten content in wheat and oil in sunflower, soya bean and rape.

The fertilizer also contains calcium and magnesium (0,5% each), which are the important elements of plant activity. 

Sulfoammophos can be applied to all types of soils and for most of crops.

This product is used for basic and pre-sawing application as well as for nutrition of plants. It can be applied to the covered soil together with nitric and potash fertilizers. It is the basis for fertilizer mixtures.

The sulfoammophos quality corresponds to the technical requirements (2186-678-0020909438-04) for make 20-20

Index Value
Mass fraction of total nitrogen, % no less than 20
Mass fraction of total phosphates counted as PO, % no less than 20
Mass fraction of sulfates counted as sulfur, % no less than 8-13
Mass fraction of water,% no more than 1,5

Grain-size composition

Mass fraction of grains

less than 1 mm, %


no more than to 5 mm, %


no less than up to 6 mm, %

Statistic solidity of grains, MPa, no less than 3,0
Friability 100


The guaranteed shelf life in the original pack is 6 months from the production date.


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