Rosaliq-Rosabor is created according to a special formula providing the maximum efficiency of boron assimilation by plants:
  • this formula allows the plants to absorb boron through vegetative organs (leafs, sprouts etc.) in the most efficient way on the stages when there is the highest need in this microelement;
  • Rosabor is one of the most concentrated liquid boron-containing market products: 11% of water soluble boron, i.e. 150 g/l. Density = 1,36 kg/l. pH of the product ranges within 8,0-8,2;
  • besides, its special composition promotes in maximum boron absorption and excellent mixing with most of the weed and pest killers for general use.


Rosaliq-Magnum is a concentrated nitric and magnesium fertilizer with high content of manganese and sulfur used for processing of the plant leafs and drop-by-drop irrigation in intensive crop growing technologies.


Rosaliq-Magnum provides for intensive chlorophyll formation, increases the intensity, promotes in rapid expansion of the rootage effective area in the background of uniform development of the subsurface mass.

Physical and chemical features of Rosaliq-Magnum:

  • 4% of total nitrogen (N): including 4% of nitrate nitrogen, i.e. 55 g/l
  • 5,8% of water soluble magnesium oxide (MgO), i.e. 80 g/l
  • 17,3% of sulfuric anhydride (SO2), i.e. 240 g/l
  • 3,6% of water soluble manganese (Mn), i.e. 50 g/l
  • density: 1,37
  • pH: 3.5–5.5
The greatest efficiency of magnum application is observed upon leaf-feeding of potato, sugar beet, rape, winter wheat, and fruit trees grown in soils with low content of available manganese, magnesium and sulfur forms.
Rosasol and Rosaliq fertilizers are applied for leaf-feeding by all fertigation systems upon growing of cereals,  weed, bean, oil and fibre crops, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and bushes.The fertilizers possess excellent solubility and are compatible with other fertilizers as well crop protection products for use in agriculture both on the open soil and in greenhouses.


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