Rosasol is a full range of water soluble mineral fertilizers containing both N (nitrogen), P (phosphor), K (potassium), S (sulfur), MG (magnesium) and microelements — B (boron), Fe (iron), Cu (copper), Mn (manganese), Zn (zinc) which meets the requirements of agricultural crops for macro and microelement. These fertilizers are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001:1999.

The range of Rosasol products includes the crystalline powders of various colors, depending on the composition, which are highly soluble in water and could be used in tank mix with crop protection products.


Physical and chemical properties of Rosasol fertilizers:

Make Nitrogen P2O5, % K2O, % MgO, % S, % pH, 1 % solution Maximum solubility in distilled water at t=200C
NO3, % NH4, % NH2, % total, %
29-10-10 2 4 23 29 10 10 3 6,2 5,46 795
18-18-18 2,5 6 9,5 18 18 18 - 12 3,75 579
15-45-10 0,5 6,5 8 15 45 10 - - 4,67 498
8-17-41 7,5 0,5 - 8 17 41 - 3,6 4,41 497


All Rosasol makes contain the equal composition of microelements on chelate basis and are used in accordance with physiologic and biochemical requirements, peculiarities and stages of crop development.   


The content of microelements in all Rosasol makes, mg/kg:

B Mn Cu Fe Zn
125 400 94 325 287



The microelements, save for boron, are in chelate form with ethylene diamine tetraacetate (EDTA).

Rosasol fertilizers are ready for use and can be applied in accordance with critical stages of plant growth and development.

Rosasol and Rosaliq fertilizers are applied for leaf-feeding by all fertigation systems upon growing of cereals, weed, bean, oil and fibre crops, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and bushes. The fertilizers have excellent solubility and are compatible with other fertilizers as well as crop protection products for use in agriculture both on the open soil and in greenhouses.


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