Nitroamophoska (azophoska) is a triple mineral fertilizer.


It contains basic elements for mineral nourishment of plants in the form of water-soluble and easily available combinations: NH4 H2PO4; (NH4) 2HPO4; NH4NO3; NH4Cl; KNO3; KCl. It is a generic concentrated and granulated fertilizer with balanced ratio of elements — N:P:K = 1:1:1.


It is used in all soil and climatic zones for various crops. The highest agrochemical and economic efficiency is observed upon in-row application during the sowing and upon radical nutriment of plants locally using the belt method up to the depth of 8-10 cm, subject to compulsory covering of production chaps. 


Nitroamophoska (azophoska) features:

Index Mark 16:16:16 Mark 15:15:15
Total nitrogen, % no less than 16 15
Assimilated phosphates (P2O5), % no less than 16 15
Total potassium (K2O), % no less than 16 15
Water, % no more than 1 1


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