Carbamide СО(NH2)2 — is an amide fertilizer.  


It is the most concentrated of all solid nitric fertilizers. During the first day after application the soil solution is alkalized, and with the time the partial biologic oxidation due to nitrification is possible. After soil application the amide form is transformed into the ammonium one under the influence of urine bacteria and then is absorbed by the soil absorbing complex. In the course of nitrification the ammonium can turn into a nitrate form. However, due to the fact that the fertilizer contains the amide form of nitrogen which is quickly absorbed by the leaf cover of plants, it is the most expedient to use urine for leaf nutrition, in particular for cereals. Therefore, the spraying of winter wheat with carbamide solution even in high concentrations (un to 10%) doesn't cause burns to plants but optimizes their mineral nutrition and increases the content of protein in grain by 1-3%.


Ammonium nitrate features: 



Nitrogen content, %


Content biuret, % no less than


Water content, % no less than


Solubility in water, g/dm3


Friability, %


Hygroscopic point at 20оС, %



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