Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate — NH4 NO3 — is an ammonium nitrate fertilizer containing nitrogen in proportion NH4:NO3 — 1:1.


It is the most widely-used one in agriculture, accounting for 55-60% of the Ukrainian fertilizer market. It can be used in all soil and climatic zones for all crops in fertilizing before and upon sowing and for nutrition. When the ammonium nitrogen is applied to soil, it is absorbed by the soil absorbing complex and the nitrate one remains in the soil solution.


That's why it is not recommended to apply it in autumn as a basic fertilizer for spring crops, since the nitric nitrogen can be wash out  by precipitations during the autumn and winter period (1mm of precipitations eluates 0,5 kilos of nitrogen). 


The highest efficiency is achieved when applying as early spring fertilizing for winter wheat, winter rape or as a application before or after sowing of spring crops, and for nutriment of industrial crops, vegetables and cucurbitaceous plants.


Ammonium nitrate features:

Index Value
Nitrogen content, % 34,4
Humidity content, % 0,2-0,3
Friability, % 100
Hygroscopic point at 20% 66,9
pH of 10% water solution, no less than 5


In case of ammonium nitrate processing with anti-compressor, it can be stored in undamaged containers during 6 months.


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