Distribution of micronutrients and fertilizers in Ukraine

Eridon is a reliable supplier of main mineral fertilizers on the territory of Ukraine, i.e.: ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonia liquor, UAN, anhydrous ammonia, ammonium sulfate, ammophos, superphosphate, potassium chloride, sulfate of potash-magnesia, suprefos, NPK fertilizer with w wide range of NPK ratio, etc. It enables the most effective and comprehensive satisfaction of demands for dressing of agricultural crops with microelements in all soil and climate conditions of cultivation in Ukraine.




Eridon offers Ukrainian agricultural manufacturers on exclusive basis high-quality European fertilizers for foliar dressing, produced by a Belgium company Rosier S.A. They are water-soluble fertilizers Rosasol and liquid microelement products Rosaliq. A wide range of products and excellent miscibility of top dressing fertilizers with each other, and with the most of popular plant protection substances enable considerable enhancement of crop level, and improvement of their quality with the optimization of cultivation costs.









Our team of highly skilled and experienced Agronomy professionals will support you, developing a proper fertilization system and crops foliar application. Please contact our representative office in your region.