Opening of a new plant of animal feed concentrates and complete feed took place



On November 3, 2011 a ceremonial opening of a new plant of animal feed concentrates and complete feed took place in Kordelivka (Kalynivskyy district, Vinnytsya region).


Construction of the plant has become the follow-up of expansion of the partnership between Trouw Nutrition International and Eridon.


The partnership between Trouw Nutrition and Eridon has started in 2008, and is first of all economically attractive for customers. On the one hand, customers receive high-quality products and technical support from Dutch specialists, and on the other hand — first-class service and permanent support from Eridon. Qualified specialists of the company held customers to choose the best feeding program, to calculate the diet, to receive the necessary result, and to implement continuous control and improvement of the process of animals breeding and productivity, which helps the clients to improve both professionally and financially.


Eridon differs in its promptness and mobility, suitable location of its regional offices and storehouses allows product delivery within the shortest possible period. Moreover, Eridon together with Trouw Nutrition offer their customers a service of quick, effective, and which is most important — extremely precise analysis of animal feed concentrates and stock with the help of equipment produced by Nirline, and own databases of the laboratory MasterLab, which will provide you with the information on such important animal feed concentrate indicators as protein % in stock and animal feed concentrates, moisture level, amount of ash, fat and fiber (if any), within 10 minutes.


Such consolidation of strong points of the companies and their opportunities supplementing each other and based on trust, ethical principles and strict European standards, create favorable and comfortable conditions for assuring the main goal — satisfaction of customer's demands.


Plant in Kordelivka was designed with due consideration of the following basic principles and standards of Trouw Nutrition International:

  • stable quality;
  • safety;
  • production efficiency.


A leading Dutch company Ottevanger Milling Engineers designed equipment especially for Trouw Nutrition, which meets these important standards. Ottevanger has one hundred years of experience in production of high-quality equipment for grain and animal feed concentrate industry, which is used all over the world, and is a reliable partner of Trouw Nutrition. This partnership resulted in a modern unique plant, which combines production of concentrates, pre-starter feeds and animal feed concentrates for all species of domestic animals.


Completion of construction works is always a holiday. And erection of a modern plant within fantastically short term might be a special holiday: for Trouw Nutrition and Eridon, and for Vinnytsya region, and for the whole Ukraine as well.