Eridon: Success is guaranteed!



Viktor Siletsky,

head of agricultural company Bilozersky Sovkhoz


«It is the most serious team I used to deal with; high-qualified specialists of Eridon speak the same language to us, and can consult us on the plant protection an other agricultural issues. If we happen to need something, they will five whatever we need, and almost without delays.»















People living in the steppe zone know how difficult it is to grow fruits and grapes in this dry climate without watering and appropriate application of plant protection substances and mineral fertilizing. The agricultural company Bilozersky Sovkhoz solved the water problem with the help of drip irrigation. And the question of plant protection and nutrition has been solved with the help of Eridon.


The history of Bilozersky Sovkhoz started in the times of the USSR, when in 1954 a decision on establishment of a grape nursery in Dniprovsky, near Kherson, was made. So they started mastering the viniculture little by little. And they succeeded!


Today Bilozersky Sovkhoz is a very powerful farm. And thanks in no small part to cooperation with Eridon, the leader of Ukrainian market of supplies of production tools for agriculture. During the years of its existence, sovkhoz has developed four priority areas of agriculture, and it is impossible to achieved success in them without reliable support by providing plant protection substances and fertilizers.


Alongside with traditional viniculture that takes 2 500 hectares and own vineyards located on the area of 1 200 hectares, residents of Bilozerka also do gardening. There are apple trees, plump trees, pear trees, peach trees, apricot trees, cherry trees and cornel growing in over 750 hectares of gardens. There are also plantations of strawberries and raspberries at the farm.


As for vine, receiving up to 130 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare, the farm may afford itself to produce its own wine under the trademark Bilozersky, and to supply wine materials. Among the consumers of the latter there are such well-known enterprises as Tsymliansky plant of sparkling wines (RF), Ukrainian Zolota Balka and Inkerman.





There are numerous crops cultivated on the fields near Dnipro. But, as the head of the farming enterprise, the Hero of Ukraine, Viktor Siletsky says, the main profit is gained namely from gardening. The thing is that it is much easier to arrange the sales of these products. «Last year we grew almost 17 thousand tons of fruits, — Viktor Siletsky says, — including 13 thousand tons of apples».


With such production volumes, Bilozersky Sovkhoz decided to build its own fruit storage facilities with regulated gas medium, to be able to keep its crop for a longer time. While berries and wild strawberries are sold almost as soon as they are gathered, such products as apples may be sold all year through. Besides, there are also foreign markets opened for the sovkhoz — 30-40% of gathered apples are sold to Russia.




«We planted our first garden over 20 years ago, — Viktor Siletsky says. — At that time we did not know all the aspects of technology, we just planted nursery plants. Of course, we carried out drip irrigation, because it is the South, and in summer the field turns into a burning pan, so one won’t get anything without «drops».


But as they did not know the nuances, which have not been known in Ukraine at that time, they finally received the crop that was not so high and good as they expected to get. That is why they decided to study gardening abroad.


«Our specialists have driven across Poland, other European countries, visited US gardens, — the head of sovkhoz says. — In this way we were able to see on our own what the modern cultivation technology consists of, which approaches people use to get high and quality crops».




At the same time, the farm faced a big problem — nursery plants. As Bilozerka gardeners say, none grows really strong nursery plants in Ukraine at the present time. Nursery plan shall be duly formed, treated to protect from viruses and diseases. «Having singed our feathers on Ukrainian gardening products, we decided not to deal with them any more. We'd better pay more, but then we'll be sure of the quality of purchased material, — Viktor Siletsky says. — The exception is made for nursery plants of Simirenko apple trees, which we take from Artemivsky nursery. They are really high-quality nursery plans, and we can work with them normally and effectively».


A huge part of apple tree nursery plants is still taken from our neighbors from Poland. People from the farm says that if they plant the Champion apples brought from Poland, they will receive 25 tons from 1 hectare as early as in the next year, and in the third year the crop yield will grow to 40 thousand tons, and all apples will look the same.


Some sorts of peaches in Bilozersky Sovkhoz are even bought in the USA.




Long time ago apple trees in the sovkhoz gardens used to grow for decades, turning into wide-branching trees. Now gardeners understand that old trees cannot give good crop yield and fruits of commercial size.


«No matter how you take care of them, the crop yield will be less, — Viktor Siletsky explains. Modern garden trees should be grown for 12-14 years, and then trees shall be rooted out».


But how can one get good crops at such intensity? Thus, genetics is genetics, but the level of crop yield also depends on such factors as pests and diseases. In the West this problem is solved by a great number of treatments with chemicals. For Ukrainians such methods are not that good because of ecological purity of products and environmental safety, therefore the number of garden treatments in Bilozerka is much less.


The source of purchasing crop protection substances. It is important for Viktor Siletsky that preparations are of high quality, and the company supplying them — reliable. Being an experimentalist by nature, Viktor Siletsky used to work with many companies in this area. But for the last five years he has been successfully working with Eridon.


It should be said that Eridon has been the leader among distributors of plant protection products at the Ukrainian market during the last years, and used to work with the most well-known companies producing preparations for agricultural crop protection. For the Bilozerka farmers an important factor for giving preference to Eridon products is that the assortment of its goods consists of certified products only, which guarantees their quality, reliable and stable effect after the use. It is a very wide range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides, fumigants, desiccants, dressers and growth regulators, effective systems of agricultural crop protection are made up of.


Viktor Siletsky also points out personal traits of Eridon managers he deals with.




As vine showed itself to advantage, we decided to build our own wine plant




Plant protection substances are not the only sovkhoz cooperates with Eridon in. One thing is to protect the crop, and another one is to give the plant all nutrient substances for its formation. Though soils in Kherson region are fertile, every year farmers have to apply certain amount of fertilizers to make plants grow and develop appropriately.


It especially concerns vine nurseries that occupy 90 hectares, and viniculture. Mineral fertilizers positively influence the growth and development of vine, increase the leaf area, growth length, accelerate vine ripening, and facilitate initiation of fruit buds and enhancement of fruit-bearing capacity level.


Therefore, it is very important to have a reliable partner who will provide the farming enterprise with high-quality products. Eridon has a big range of those very products needed by Bilozerka farmers: fertilizers for foliar application produced by a Belgium company Rosier S.A. Ther are water-soluble fertilizers Rosasol and liquid microelement products Rosaliq, which are mixed well for foliar application both with each other and with most of existing plant protection substances.


It should be said that Eridon also offers other kinds of fertilizers: ammonia nitrate, carbamide, ammonia liquor, CAM, anhydrous ammonia, ammonia sulfate, ammophos, superphosphate, potassium chloride, potassium-magnesia sulfate, superphos, compound NPK fertilizer with a wide range of NPK ratio etc. It enables satisfaction of demands of agricultural crops for nutrition with microelements with all soil and climate cultivation zones of Ukraine in the most effective and fullest manner.




Viktor Siletsky is a rather ambitious person, and if he starts something, the result thereof is definitely guaranteed. Well, viniculture on these steppe lands near Dnipro gives stable good crop yields. They are so good that the enterprise has purchased a special-purpose machine produced in France for vine gathering lately.


«Well, this year we do not expect much, — the head of sovkhoz complaints. — Because of severe frosts the result in this year is expected to be moderate. If we gather up to 5 thousand tons of vine, that will be good».


But vine is growing and giving its crop yield. And the amount of wine material made of it allows Bilozersky Sovkhoz to think of the launch of own production of rakia and brandy. So, the enterprise will have the 5th area of production activity.


Here is the progress in one particular enterprise. It is based on innovative approach of the head of the enterprise, and on the cooperation with «proper» and reliable partners, among which a notable place is held by Eridon.