Eridon: Success is guaranteed!

Here is the busy sowing period! There are spring field works going on all over the country. The aspects that are very important for success include not only the manner of soil treatment, but also the seeds being sown, fertilizers used and a great number of other factors.




The factor that is not the last in a line is a reliable partner, who will provide the farm with the necessary production tools on time and in a quality manner, and agricultural manufacturers consider Eridon to be such a reliable company.


This powerful company provides a full range of goods for its customers, which are required for receiving high crops avoiding a great number of risks. It helps the agricultural companies to achieve higher process levels and optimal results. There are many examples of that, including Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy from Poltava region and Svarog West Group from Podillia.




Anatoliy Kybka,
General Director of Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy LLC


«Our cooperation with Eridon has been lasting for over 10 years. They are plant protection products, microfertilizers, growth stimulators, sunflower, corn, sugar beet seeds and grain crops. Besides, we collaborate with Eridon in the segment of mineral fertilizers, and it is rather successful.»









It has been long time ago that Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy associated their grain farming destiny with Eridon, from which they receive seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products.


You should only imagine what kind of an agricultural enterprise it is. Lands of Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy are located on the territory of Poltava and Kharkiv regions. The enterprise generally unites nine individual enterprises with the unified management center in Karlivka, which process over 30 thousand hectares of tillage. But beside that, the enterprise has the incubator poultry production, a bakery plant, modern grain elevator, deals with swine breeding and cattle growing. Therefore, the company is developed by the closed-cycle principle, i.e. it has its own capacities for growing, processing and selling its own agricultural products.


It is clear that such a big enterprise cannot rely on any partners. Here they appreciate quality, reliability and punctuality like nobody else.




According to the words of Anatoliy Kybka, Eridon is one of the first companies the farming enterprise started to work with. Once using the services of this supplier of agricultural products, Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy do not lose connection with it ever since.


«We like that the employees of this company are very sociable, — the general director of the agricultural enterprise tells. — Well, the Eridon directors also always makes advances when necessary, as they understand that agriculture is a risky business. That is why the situations may be different, and sometimes we can’t do without support. Eridon has a pretty good crediting system.»



Poltava region differs in its cloudless sky, which can be observed in almost all seasons of the year. But while the urban people enjoy such weather, farmers will have nothing good from the bright weather without rain.


These complicated conditions require flexible approach to growing all agricultural crops. For example, Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy monitor with attention the development of winter cereals during the wintering, and analyze the needs of a particular field in mineral fertilizing and protection products.


The farmers take rather good solution by reducing financial load per 1 hectare, when they do not see the maximum crop in prospect. In the result thereof Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy always have good profitability indicators. According to the data of the enterprise, net value of wheat grown on the local fields makes 1000 UAH per 1 ton. And therefore its rate of return after sale will be high.


Alongside with the profitability, the enterprise also has pretty good level of crop yield: e.g. wheat — 45-55 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare. Yet, there were years when this indicator used to reach the level of 72 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare. And it is 2nd and 3rd class of wheat! As for other crops, the yield is as follows: sunflower — 40 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare, corn — 88 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare, buckwheat — 22 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare, sugar beet — 55 tons from 1 hectare.


The result is good, and the tactic is successful. But it could have been hardly implemented without flexibility of Eridon, which is always ready to compromise, as Anatoliy Kybka says.


The agronomists of the farming enterprise place very high requirements to chemicals. They do not work with generic plant protection products. They are very satisfied with the products supplied by Eridon, and during all years of cooperation there were no cases of bad goods supply.




As for fertilizers, Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy actively apply liquid nitrogen fertilizers on the fields, which are applied directly into the soil and on the vegetation.


«Taking into account the amount of fertilizers we apply, our crop rotation system, we also pay high importance  to the application of microelements and growth stimulators. Well, we should give the plant everything to ensure its growth and development we would receive the best payoff from», — Anatoliy Kybka says.


So, taking into consideration such a serious approach to agricultural production, we understand that crop rotations in all nine farming enterprises of this huge agricultural enterprise are adhered to very precisely: cereals are followed by sugar beets or sunflower, further on followed by spring barley or millet, and after that — corn for 3 years. It appears that sunflower returns to the same field in seven years — «just like written in the book».


«But several years ago we started growing one crop in one farming enterprise, — the general director says. — It means that one crop is cultivated on all fields of a certain farming enterprise in a certain year, and another crop — in the next year, according to the crop rotation principle.» It is a simple solution, but it gives numerous advantages for logistics and control over agricultural production.




Dokuchayivsky Chornozemy LLC is developed pursuant to the closed-cycle principle,

i.e. it has its own capacities for growing, processing and selling its agricultural products




Andriy Gordiychuk,
Svarog West Group Chairman of the Board


«Another important factor beside supplies stability and quality of goods is that Eridon is always flexible in the issues of settlements, choosing the best variant for agricultural manufacturer, thus confirming its slogan — «Collaboration that guarantees success!»»










Another company that collaborates with Eridon successfully is Svarog West Group Corporation. At the present time the corporation unites 26 enterprises working in all fields of agriculture, and its agricultural areas are located in Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions. They grow sugar beets, cereals, corn for grain, soybeans, peanuts and perennial grasses on the area of over 80 thousand hectares.  


Just like in Poltava region, Svarog pays much attention to precise compliance with the agricultural crop cultivation technologies. It is the only way to achieve the desired result. In the last year the crop yield of winter wheat here made 64.25, winter rape — 38,14 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare, crop yield of corn — 101 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare on dry weight.  


The chairman of the board of Svarog West Group, Andriy Gordiychuk, specifies: «Thanks to the compliance with the optimal crop rotation and application of modern agricultural technologies, the crop yield of wheat, as an example, reached the level of over 100 hundred kilograms from 1 hectare in some agricultural companies of Svarog West Group».




Svarog and Eridon are bound by long-standing friendship ties. During this time many changes have taken place in the agricultural engineering approaches of the enterprise. They used to practice application of generic products, but now they use only original preparations in their technologies. It is one of important moments, which creates the prerequisite for achieved success.  


Eridon has been keeping the leading positions at the market of supplies of regular production tools for agriculture for over 18 years. During the last four years its cooperation with Svarog has become more active, and the procurement volumes grew in several times: at the moment about 90% of demand for plant protection products and seed material, and over 50% of mineral fertilizers for the corporation are supplied by Eridon.




As well as with other customers, Eridon provides Svarog West Group not only with high-quality products, whether it be substances, seeds or fertilizers, but also with highly professional consulting support regarding the technologies of their application and agricultural crop cultivation. In every region, beside the sales managers Eridon has consulting agronomists, professional specialists who will provide the customers with full production process support, from planning to crop gathering. They will also become good advisers and friends of agronomists in the field.  


Agricultural workers in Khmelnytsky region are very satisfied with such form of collaboration, as field conditions change every year, and it is an experienced specialist only who can advise on how and what should be done to receive expected profit from land.