"Eridon" became the laureate of the program "Man of the Year - 2015"

National program " Man of the Year" was established in 1995 and includes annual award of the title "Man of the Year" in various categories.

For last 20 years this program certainly took a noticeable place in public life. Initially it played an important role in the revival of national consciousness and the fight against the devaluation of national ideals.
"Man of the Year" continues to fulfill its important mission serving as a sensitive indicator of new processes in society. 

Winners of the program are defined by experts among representatives of government and non-governmental organizations, unions, associations, foundations and the media. According to the results of expert survey three leading candidates in each category become the winners of the program. The final decision makes Higher Academic Council.

Awarding "Eridon" is a high estimation of results among investment projects in agricultural sector of Ukraine.

On July 17, 2015 leading company in Ukrainian agribusiness "Eridon" has built a robotic dairy farm in private agricultural enterprise "Ukraine" on the territory of Pochuyky village. 

We appreciate this recognition and once again emphasizes that "Eridon" is a vivid example of a stable Ukrainian company that contributes to development of the agricultural potential of Ukraine and has the mission to be a reliable partner for all farmers.