Agrarians choose Eridon!

The Eridon Company, probably, is the most famous and recognized company in Ukraine providing agrarians with the necessary means of material logistics. For 20 years already, it holds a firm position in the market, increasing the number of its clients with every year as well as the range of offered products, constantly improving the quality of comprehensive service.

Again the company received another All-Ukrainian award Agrobrand of the Year in the nomination «Dealers and Distributors».

What goals Eridon sets today, what achievements the Company started this year with, shares Dmytro Kashpor, Marketing Director of the Company:

— «The Eridon Company ended the year 2013 with generally fine results, which positively reflect on the prospects of the company development and business of our partners. First of all, I would like to note the achievements in the segment of plants protection products — our share of the Ukrainian market has increased by 2% this year. This result shows that today the company is developing together with the market, and in some cases even outruns it.

Also, I would like to tell about the business of basic fertilizers. In this direction, we have managed to preserve the leading positions and end the year with overtaking 16% of the national market. We have achieved such result due to close cooperation with our clients – not only in the sphere of sales but also in the sphere of consultations regarding their efficient application.

We offer our clients convenient forms of settlements for the provided goods and services, we adopt new financial programs and mechanisms every year. Thus, next year we shall pay special attention to programs with bill obligations in cooperation with all leading banks of Ukraine. Today we already have a successful experience of working with such financial instrument.

We are really proud of our strong technological department providing qualified information and consultation support both to sellers of the Eridon products and directly to the company’s partners. Today, it is obvious and logical, as having 6 thousand of clients the Eridon Company is some kind of platform where agricultural manufacturers can share their experience and receive timely recommendations and consultations. The most important thing for us is to understand what problems the agricultural manufacturers face today and to offer all possible methods for their solution.»

During the exhibition Grain Technologies 2014, in which the Eridon actively participated, our stand was visited by a great number of clients, who shared their impressions from cooperation with our company.

Petro Kartovyi: «Call to a friend — and the goods are home» 

— «Our farm is multiple. We till 3,500 hectares, cultivate practically all most popular field crops in Ukraine: barley, corn, sunflower, forage crops. Besides plant growing, we also have a well-developed animal breeding.

We have been cooperating with the Eridon Company for more than 10 years and order there practically all goods and services they offer, namely seed products, mineral fertilizers and comprehensive systems for plants protection. Thus, in the autumn of the last year we purchased multiple mixed fertilizers, and this year – almost 700 tons of ammonium saltpeter.

I would like to point out that Eridon is the company, where you can get complex services – everything from one source. It is important that products are supplied within the terms and in the required quantity. And also I am pleased to note that people working in the Eridon Company can hear the agricultural manufacturers and help to solve their problems. For the period of our cooperation with the company, not a single time did we want to change the supplier of the necessary agro-products supplied to us by the Eridon Company. We appreciate that we can always receive timely financial support and consultations from experts. Thus, protection systems are supplied especially promptly, as they say, «for yesterday». We do not purchase preparations in advance since special conditions are required for their storage – and these are ensured by Eridon, which is proven by a 100 percent efficient effect of these preparations. If it weren’t this way, I doubt we would have such a long cooperation.

Dmytro Malinovskyi: «With Eridon you have many options for cooperation»

— «The main business direction of our enterprise is growing vegetables, which now occupy about 1 thousand hectares out of 4 thousand hectares we till. The main crop is potato, the average yield of which is 400 centners/hectares. We have been working with Eridon for a long time already. The main products we use are plant protection products, mineral fertilizers, microfertilizers. Eridon is the team of professionals able to provide a comprehensive set of services for solving production objectives of a certain enterprise. Yes, namely certain, but not solving problems and giving recommendations regarding the application of products and preparations in general for the whole region. The Company has qualified personnel, who can analyze the current situation in the farm, on the market and suggest their own methods and programs for their solution. These may be modern technologies of systems for protection, nourishing, and, I think, the most important is that the Company offers various financial instruments: credits, bills, deferral of payments, - which enables a more flexible development.

Also we have a positive experience of cooperation with the Eridon Company in the sphere of sale of our seed potato through their dealer network. Thus, the company’s activity has many sides and, in the result, there are many ways for cooperation.

Mykola Pylypiv: «Developing together»

— «Today we till 4 thousand hectares. We grow grain and industrial crops. We also have animal breeding, namely pig breeding.

We are in close cooperation with the Eridon Company for the fourth year already and every year the scope of our cooperation increases. Thus, today the company provides us with the plant protection products, basic fertilizers, microfertilizers. The scope is increased due to supplying high quality preparations, and the most important – ensuring quality technical support. This is not a company working by the principal «bought-sold». Its experts «lead» us during the whole technology of growing, they would always advise what product is better for use, when to use it and what to substitute it with in case of need etc.

Today we are working under new intensive cultivation technologies, and it is due to the technological support they provide that we have managed to achieve these high results. Thus, two years in a row, we receive over 600 centners/hectares of sugarbeets, this year – over 100 centners/hectares of corn. That is to say that practically from the moment when we started cooperation with the Eridon Company, we have been receiving higher yields from one and the same area. Also it should be noted that agronomists of our enterprise have learnt a lot for the time of our cooperation, improved their educational level, since the partner company is modern and perfectly masters modern technologies, which is what it teaches its employees. It appeals to me as Director, because at any time I can ask the company employees to help me solve the problems of supply and cultivation of agricultural crops.

Oleksii Serhiienko: «Support at any time of the day»

— «Today the land bank of our enterprises makes up around 360 thousand of hectares. The main direction of our company’s activity is production of poultry meat under the Nasha riaba brand. That’s why our task as for plant growers is to grow grains in the required quantity and of the required quality in order to ensure feeding-stuff for our poultry. And we manage it since we are equipped with modern technologies and have reliable business partners such as the Eridon Company, which we have been in cooperation with since 2003.

What is most appealing to us in the Eridon Company today is honesty in business and the quality of provided services. First of all, this relates to the products supplies (seeds, plants protection products, fertilizers and microfertilizers) under convenient and flexible logistic schemes. Since our enterprises are located in different regions of Ukraine, there is a need of supplying materials to these farms. To the great extent, this task is solved by Eridon since its warehouses are located within a radius of activity of our farms. Also, the company provides us with a highly professional technological support by its employees, who can consult our agronomists literally at any time of the day.

I think that today Eridon is an unquestioned leader in the distribution sphere. Having significant achievements in this sphere, the Company may fully provide with the main means of material logistics both middle-sized farms and great agriholdings (as ours), of which we became personally certain.

Another characteristic peculiarity of the company is its personnel. Despite the fact that more than 500 persons work for the Company, they all treat clients in a special way — they have their own individual approach to everyone. There is no much difference whom you order the products from: Company Director or mid-level manager – everything will be always done by the highest standards! Eridon is the company, which during 20 years keeps its name in the top and today has leading positions in the market. Not every company managed to get through all economic and political mischiefs decently. With its main task – providing the manufacturers of goods with the basic means of material logistics in the optimal way and within optimal time – the Company copes perfectly. The company has created all conditions for the reduction of cost of products, specialists provide high quality services and the most important – people working there are professionals.