Eridon company participated in opening of BASF – AgroSoyuz demo house, Zhytomyr Region.

Grand opening of a new demo house of our partners — BASF – The Chemical Company, based on the commercial farm unit of AgroSoyuz, took place on 10 July, 2013 in Orepy Village, Novohrad-Volynskyi District, Zhytomyr Region.


Within the framework of this event visitors had an opportunity to become familiar with BASF – The Chemical Company protection systems, using the example of winter wheat, and to get advice from leading scientific experts and manufacturing companies representatives about cultivation and protection of agricultural crops.


Ribbon-cutting ceremony: Director of Eridon unit in Zhytomyr – S. Poliukhovych, Regional manager in Vinnytsia and Zhytomyr Regions. BASF – The Chemical Company – V. Poprotska, Head of AgroSoyuz LLC – Yu. Boretskyi

 Speech of the Head of the Processing Department of Eridon company – O. Sarbash 

«Eridon – BASF – The Chemical Company» Team

   Yuriy Boretskyi,

   Head of AgroSoyuz LLC

«Opening of this demo house is an important event, which took place due to our close cooperation with Eridon company, we have been cooperating with for a long time. Upon their recommendation we met the BASF – The Chemical Company management and found a common ground with them. I believe that opening of this house will really be a positive ground, where we all can experience different protection systems and various innovations, which appear in this market.

The enterprise was found in 2001. We started with a basic commercial farm unit of 300 hectares. Today our output makes over 4 000 hectares. We cultivate traditional crops: winter rye, winter wheat, winter rape and spring crops (soybeans, barley). Large areas of fibre flax (we are one of the biggest manufacturers in the field – more than 500 hectares). We have own facilities for processing –
PJSC Novohrad-Volynskyi flax-processing Plant

We have been working with Eridon company for 5 years. Our cooperation began with the meeting with manager. We liked the attitude, favourable conditions, and good timing, when talking about delivery of products. And besides, I’ve always paid attention to the main condition when choosing companies for cooperation – not only to sell, but also to support in the planting process, and not only to sell the more expensive product, but to achieve cost-efficiency.

We cooperate in almost all areas of agricultural activity: fertilizers, microfertilizers, agricultural products.

There have been no delays in deliveries for the last years. If there had been a need to change any products Eridon company would have always met our needs.

And we always try to fulfil all the conditions for further cooperation.»



This day was also marked by another significant event for residents of Novohrad-Volynskyi, beginning of the harvest season, so-called «Zazhynky» (harvesting).


Preparation for the beginning of harvesting took place in line with local traditions and customs: reapers were accompanied by folk songs performed by talented Graffiti band from Vinnitsa, and properly prepared harvesting equipment demonstrated harvesting of the first hay harvests.


The First Deputy Head of the District State Administration — Kyryliuk Ruslan Mykolaiovych had a welcome speech.

In general grain harvesting in Zhytomyr Region will last till August.