Eridon opened a seed plant in Pochuiky, Zhytomyr region

On July 30 the most modern seed plant in Ukraine was opened in PAE Ukraina (Pochuiky, Popilnyansky district, Zhytomyr region). Thanks to that Eridon created a vertically integrated system of cultivation, processing and sale of grain crop seeds. The workshop held on the day of plant opening was attended by over 100 leading Ukrainian agricultural workers and specialists, as well as by mass media and governmental representatives. Here is what the heads of Eridon tell about further plans and work perspectives of a new plant.




Anatoliy Pashchenko,

Head of production department of Eridon


«This plant is our pride; it is the most modern in Ukraine. The plant is equipped with the equipment produced by recognized world leader a German company Petkus; it has the capacity of 10 tons per year, and reservoirs for 6 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of seed material in silage. We have the highest level of computerization and automation of all production processes.


Обробка насіння відбуватиметься в кілька етапів:

Seed processing will imply several stages:

  • after passing laboratory control and weighting on 60-ton electronic scales seeds are processed and placed in respective silage;
  • seeds are delivered to the production line with the help of transporters KF-250 with the round bottom, equipped with special plastic scrapes that will not damage the seeds;
  • machines U-12 and U-15 carry out crude and basic purification from coarse and fine admixtures and dust with the help of aspiration and separation, slots in screens have specially rounded edges, that is why the machine does not damage seed material;
  • in the grain cleaner grain is cleaned and sorted by length of grains, and long or short admixtures are separated from the basic product;
  • a unique pneumatic table KD-400 separates not only hollow seeds, but also seeds with low germination power;
  • a treatment unit ST-525 enables precise dozing of a treatment unit with the uniform distribution with the help of computer control;
  • packaging is carried out into paper bags or big bags (40-1000 kg), and sewing machine thanks to the sensors switches on automatically upon appearance of packing.


That is why the quality of seeds will fully meet the best world standards, and certified laboratory will confirm it over and over again.»


Volodymyr Pershuta,

Head of the business Seeds of Eridon


«Agriculture in Ukraine made a noticeable breakthrough during the last years. Ukrainian grain farmers have already reached the stable average annual harvest of 40 million tons of grains. The goal of our activity is to increase this figure in two times as a minimum within the next ten years, and to help Ukraine to become the world’s main supplier of grain and its products. Well, it will also imply work places for Ukrainians, growth of their prosperity, and considerable currency receipts from export. 5 years ago we started search of the sorts the potential of which would be higher than that of available sorts.


At the moment we introduced two sorts of winter wheat to the market — Actor and Compliment, and a sort of winter barley Cinderella. I can state without needless modesty that Actor has already become a reference sort by its crop capacity and quality in the regions with enough precipitation. In the regions with the lack of precipitation Actor stably gives class 1-2 of grain subject to adequate level of technologies; it is also very interesting as a late-maturing sort for creation of gathering conveyor. Actor gives a very big output of bread, and that is why it is very interesting for baking enterprises. The sort Compliment if compared to Actor has a 0.5 — 1 t/hectare higher potential of crop capacity by class 3 of grain quality, and has approved itself in the regions with sufficient humidity level. A common sort of winter barley Cinderella has an exclusive straw capacity, and has already given the crop of 11 tons/hectare in Ukraine. Cinderella shows stable results in all regions.


In the nearest years we will surprise the market with new sorts, and with some crops being new for us.»


Sergiy Krolevets,

General Director of Eridon


«During 16 years of our activity at the market of Ukraine we have passed a big way, having become the main national distributor of plant protection substances, seeds and mineral fertilizers. We managed to reach this top thanks to the best team, flexible approach towards business, uncompromising quality and honesty towards our partners.


As all processes in the agriculture start with seeds, we set a goal to build our own seed plant, which would really be the most modern and would have correct territorial location. We did not save on equipment, as this plant shall run qualitatively for dozens of years, and it was built and erected by the best specialists. As for belonging of PAE Ukraina to our company, it enables controlling all processes, and being sure of the quality of end product.


The plant in Pochuiky also implies new work places for local people, it means real investments into development of infrastructure and social sphere of the village.


I invite everyone to visit our plant and to work with us!»