AgroBrand 2010




Igor Lyshylenko,

commercial director of Eridon

Based on the results of interview of agricultural manufacturers on the popularity of commercial trademarks, the results of which were summed up at the exhibition InterAGRO-2010, Eridon has become the winner in the nomination «Dealers, Distributors». Please tell more about that. And how have you managed to achieve such results?

«Eridon has won the nomination of agricultural brand thanks to the labor of highly qualified team. The success of Eridon is assured by high-class specialists, who together with a united team work in the direction of goal achievement and fulfillment of Eridon's mission, that is  to be a reliable partner for agricultural manufacturers and to facilitate actively the agricultural development by offering the best cultivation technologies. As the business of our company is mainly concentrated in the regions, most employees are located in the regional representative offices.

We have about 150 agronomists, who work directly with the agricultural manufacturers. With the help of Eridon's specialists the producer will always make a correct choice of hybrid, plant protection systems and feeding systems. Our customers often achieve their success exactly thanks to the assistance of our regional representatives. Heads of Eridon divisions, who actually exercise the management of business directions: crop protection, seeds, fertilizers and feed additives, — are young, dynamic and professional persons, who also improve themselves in conditions of changeable market, which helps the company to reach the top of national distribution.

Company stability is an important aspect thanks to which Eridon is the best from among all distributors. Company’s statistics for the last year show that only 1% of persons have left the company under their own will. Well, 1% in such dynamic business as ours might be the best indicator in Ukraine. And it only proves that the company has a very good recruitment process and correct policy of employee encouragement.»


 What conclusions can you make for your company based on the results of InterAGRO-2010?


«Eridon used to have a somewhat conservative approach to exhibitions, because it used to think that our main work should be performed directly at the fields of our customers in the regions. But this year we noticed big interest of agricultural manufacturers to Inter-AGRO, and that is because they were able to see what was and what could be in the agricultural industry of Ukraine during three days.»


What are Eridon's plans for 2010?


«It is obviously to remain a number one company in Ukraine. Besides, we have a number of new projects. E.g., last year our company together with Bayer CropScience and BASF – The Chemical Company opened a seed plant of grain crops, which remains one of the largest ones in Ukraine. The company actively invests big money into production of seeds on the basis of their farming enterprises on the area of about 15 thousand hectares. One of the reasons why we follow the path of Ukrainian production of grain seeds of western genetics is provision of opportunities to farming enterprises to use seeds with the highest potential, and crop capacity at affordable prices. We thoroughly control the issue of the production quality. We usually conduct this production together with our foreign partners, who have a very strict control system. Their specialists regularly visit fields and control seed crops cultivation technologies. Our team of specialist, also interested in high quality of seeds, works on-site.»


After conversation with Igor Lyshylenko, we convinced ourselves again that Eridon is a number one company by service quality and by specialist's professionalism, by work with the customers, and definitely, by quality of its products.