Eridon took part in the exhibition Agro-2010


The stand of Eridon represented at the exhibition Agro-2010 was visited by many persons. Eridon has been an obvious leader at the market of crop protection, seeds and fertilizers for many years, and that is why draws attention of most agricultural manufacturers of our country.



Igor Lyshylenko, commercial director of Eridon, told about peculiarities of work in the agricultural season of this year.




«The exhibition Agro-2010 first of all means the opportunity to sum up the results of spring season, to communicate to the existing and possible customers. All agricultural manufacturers wish to have a reliable supplier, who will deliver production stock in time and in accordance with the agreement, and it is reliability that we consider to be the main advantage of our company. Today over 6 000 customers work with us, this is about a half of farming enterprises of Ukraine, which are professionally involved in the agricultural production.»


«Amount of customers is a result of high service standards, effective logistics, highly professional team and philosophy «customer is above all!». The growth of our share at the market of Ukraine, consisting of seeds, protection substances and fertilizers, is a result of implementing this philosophy in life.»





«Basic principes of our work:


  • Product delivery before the beginning of agricultural season

Being a national distributor, we have a developed network of regional warehouses all over Ukraine, the products to which are delivered as early as before the beginning of active sales season. It is a very important principle, as thanks to it our customers are provided with the necessary products in their regions during the period of field works. I assure you that very few of our competitors adhere to this principle, and none of competitors does that at the national level.


  • Product distinction
We work only with the multinational companies in the field of crop protection and seeds. In particular, we are the largest distributor of such world brands as  Pioneer, BASF – The Chemical Company, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, DuPont, Monsanto and other transnational corporations in Ukraine. That is why all customers working with us may be always sure of getting an original product. Besides, we offer exclusive products: fertilizers fertilizers Rosasol and Rosaliq; from Belgian company Roseir; seeds from Rosier S.A.; seeds from DSV with the sorts of grain and hybrid rape; a number of corn and sunflower hybrids from RAGT Semences.
  • Fulfillment of all obligations
We do all our best to provide our customers with the distribution services of the highest quality; besides, we satisfy the customers' needs for additional volumes of products during the season. As one of our permanent customers said about scarce products this spring, «If Eridon doesn't have them, none has them…».
  • Complex provision of agricultural manufacturer with the products
We are in some way a big supermarket for agricultural manufacturers. I.e., if an agricultural manufacturer comes to us, he can be here everything he needs for a quality work and for getting the highest crops.»



«The success of Eridon is assured by high-class specialists, who together form a united team and work in the direction of goal achievement and fulfillment of Eridon's mission, that is to be a reliable partner for agricultural manufacturers and to facilitate actively the agricultural development by offering the best cultivation technologies.
At the present time there are 418 persons employed in Eridon. As the business of our company is mainly concentrated in the regions, most employees (300 professionals) are deployed in the regions. We have about 150 agronomists, who work directly with the agricultural manufacturers. With the help of Eridon's specialists the producer will always make a correct choice of hybrid, plant protection systems and feeding systems. Our customers often achieve their success exactly thanks to the assistance of our regional representatives.
Heads of Eridon divisions, who actually exercise the management of business directions: crop protection, seeds, fertilizers and food stuff, — are young, dynamic and professional persons, who also improve themselves in conditions of changeable market, which helps the company to reach the top of national distribution.
On behalf of Eridon, on the eve of the harvest of 2010, I want to wish all our partners — agricultural manufacturers to gather big crops and to get stable income. And we in return will try to do everything for your prosperity