Eridon held a field workshop in Rivne region

On June 8 a field workshop organized by Eridon was held in Mlyniv, Rivne region, on the territory of the farming enterprise SBE Ukraine Rivne. The subject matter of the workshop was «Crops of winter rape and grain crops of DSV from exclusive supplier — Eridon».




Over seventy participants registered for the workshop, they are leading agricultural enterprises and high-technology farmers of Rivne and Volyn regions.


After the registration participants went for viewing demonstration plots with winter rape Hornet, Sitro and Exocet. We were pleased by the fact that both agronomists and heads of farming enterprises had many questions concerning technologies of cultivating these crops — it was clear that people really came there to supplement their knowledge. The chief agronomist of SBE Ukraina Rivne, Roman Mykolayovych Kurtser, answered all questions, and the DSV representative, Volodymyr Golub, told about biological and morphological characteristics of hybrids.




The next step was the overview of commercial crops of winter wheat Actor and winter barley Cinderella. The consulting agronomist of Eridon, Yuriy Kaniy, told in details about peculiarities of cultivating these sorts.


Very interesting dialogues used to arise during the speech, as these sorts are cultivated by most participants of the workshop. So, some people could write down the speech, and some people could tell about cultivation of these sorts based on their own experience.



After discussion was over the following short presentations took place in the conference hall:

  • from Eridon (the speaker — director of Rivne branch, Igor Pavlyshyn);
  • from SBE Ukraina Rivne (the speaker — Roman Kurtser).




The head of the administration for agriculture in Mlynivsky district, Petro Pavlovych Gavron, and his deputy, Mykola Volodymyrovych Lykhochvor, also said their welcome words.