Eridon and Svarog West Group held a field workshop in Khmelnytsky region


In June Eridon and Svarog West Group at the initiative of the latter will organize a field workshop «Cooperation tor Success» for the second time. About 120 visitors, including directors, agronomists of agricultural enterprises of Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Volyn, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions, took part in the event. This workshop has become an example of how people shall and can work in the field of agriculture in modern economic conditions, acting as partners for the sake of success. Gained experience has obviously become unique for many agricultural workers, and an impulse for reaching high results.




The workshop that took place in the museum named after M. Ostrovsky in Shepetivka, Khmelnytsky region, consisted of two parts — theoretical and practical. At first, presentation of general activity and particular activity of such companies as Eridon, Bayer CropScience, BASF – The Chemical Company, Syngenta and DSV took place in the territory of Ukraine.


In the welcome speech the head of the Management Board of Svarog West Group, Andriy Gordiychuk specified that saving on the plant protection substances and mineral fertilizers in the agriculture is full of risk. If the head of agricultural enterprise is first of all willing to gather good crop and to preserve natural potential of cultivated land, he will not save on these process elements. In order to reach high results, Svarog West Group conducts its business according to correctly arranged strategy, which includes cooperation with Eridon — the partner proved by time and experience.




Eridon has been holding the leading position at the market of production stock supply for agriculture for over 15 years. During the last four years cooperation between these two companies has differed in big volumes of purchases, as today about 90% of demand for plant protection substances and seeds, over 50% of mineral fertilizers for the corporation are delivered namely by Eridon.


Igor Lyshylenko, commercial director of Eridon, mentioned that Svarog West Group is a partner that conducts its production activity in a professional and responsible manner, and shows high crop results.


Participants of the workshop also got acquainted with the new systems of agricultural crop protection from partners of organizing companies. Among them there were Bayer CropScience, BASF – The Chemical Company, Syngenta and DSV.


The second part of field workshop was practical, and took place at the field base of Svarog West Group. Big attention of visitors was drawn by a stop at the technical station of the corporation in Mokiyivka, Shepetivsky district. Sergiy Filyuk, director of the technical department of the enterprise, gave an excursion over the territory of the base, showed technical potential and capacity of the corporation, which included very-maintained modern highly efficient machinery from the best world manufacturers — John Deer, CNH, Claas, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Lemken, RSM.


Participants of the workshop also had an opportunity to make sure that year the crops of Svarog West Group were one of the best in Ukraine on the fields with rape (Chotyrboky, Shepetivsky district), sugar beet (Vyshneve, Shepetivsky district), and wheat (Koskiv, Shepetivsky district).




Joint experience in holding demonstrative workshops for Svarog West Group and Eridon this year has become a bright evidence of how people may achieve optimal indicators and full payoff from land in really big figures showed by the bunker, even in hard economic conditions.


Igor Lyshylenko,

commercial director of Eridon


«We have been working with Svarog West Group for a long time, and during the last two years our cooperation has become very fruitful. While they used to practice application of preparations of generic companies, today they use only original preparations in their technologies. It is one important moment, which is a prerequisite for success.


Here is another one. We have been holding days of field together with Svarog West Group for two years running. Despite of weather conditions and other circumstances, we are sure of quality result with good products used by this company. Event holding conditions changed considerably if compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, this year we also see wonderful crops in almost perfect condition on fields. Consider that the farming cultivates 90 thousand hectares of land. These areas are not pilot plots; they cannot be duly prepared exactly for visitors. They are commercial crops that look the same on all fields on the enterprise.


That is why I believe Svarog West Group is a very good example of Ukrainian big and successful company, which shows how a very positive result may be achieved at big areas in the result of cooperation with us. The slogan of Eridon is «Cooperation for Success». With this workshop we confirm the philosophy of our company.


There is an extremely big number of holdings in Ukraine, which belong to different investors from different countries. I regularly visit many different farming enterprises. And I can state that today Svarog West Group has the best crops in Ukraine on such big areas of cultivated lands. All activities are performed at appropriately high level. They have very professional management. And I am proud that it is a fully Ukrainian company.


Here is another aspect. Eridon is able to provide our customers not only with high-quality products, irrespective of whether they are preparations, seeds or fertilizers, but also to consult them on the technologies of their application and agricultural crops cultivation. In each region we have not only sales managers, but also consulting agronomists, who provide process support. They are professional specialists, thanks to whom our customers are able to obtain full support of cultivation technology: from crop planning to crop gathering.


Thus, we are the only company at the market that provides a full range of services for our customers, which guarantees their getting big crops and avoiding many risks. We help the companies to reach higher process levels and to achieve optimal results.»