An international tournament Strong Kyiv Eridon will take place in Hydropark in Kyiv with the assistance of Eridon




Strong Kyiv Eridon
7 August 2011


On August 7, 2011 a pair strong men tournament Strong Kyiv Eridon will be held in Hydropark in Kyiv, with the assistance of Eridon — the leader of national agricultural business; the strongest sportsmen from Europe and Ukraine will take part in it. Five teams (with two sportsmen in each) will fight for the title of the strongest couple of the Central Europe!


The tournament will be held with the assistance of Eridon, under the slogan: «Revive healthy spirit of Ukrainian nation together with Eridon!»


Our strong men have been winning the champion titles at the international stage, both personally and in teams, for over 10 years. Therefore, a Professional League of Strong Men of Ukraine, consisting of the following most popular and the best sportsmen of strong men's Olympus, was created in October 2009 for better popularization of strong men sports and facilitation of professionalization of sportsmen: Vasyl Virastyuk, Sergiy Konyushok, Oleksandr Lashyn, Kyrylo Chuprynin, Volodymyr Muravlyov, Viktor Yurchenko, Oleksandr Pekanov, Oleksiy Solovyov.


The tournament organized by the Creative Agency for Sports Events Organization Konyushok Sport Events, and the Professional League of Strong Men of Ukraine, with the assistance of Eridon, is the event that will obviously remain a bright flash of shows and propaganda of healthy lifestyle in the hearts of all spectators and in the whole Ukraine.


By the way, Vasyl Virastyuk (the holder of a title «The Strongest Man of the World-2004/2007»), popular all over the world, has become the face of Eridon in 2011. The campaign was held under the slogan «Eridon — A True Agricultural Strong Man!»


Ukraine has to feel that the efforts of Eridon in the partnership with Konyushok Sport Events regarding propaganda of healthy lifestyle are necessary for Ukrainian nation. Even today these competitions cultivate aspiration to healthy lifestyle, honest fight and victory among Ukrainians. The more so the Eridon business personifies all these aspirations.


We invite everyone to visit this tremendous unprecedented event!



 The event will take place on August 7, 2011 at 16:00 in Kyiv, Hydropark, beach complex Olmeca Plage