International pair tournament Strong Kyiv Eridon


On August 7, 2011 an unprecedented international pair tournament on heroic all-round Strong Kyiv Eridon took place on the territory of the complex Olmeca Plage, with the assistance of Eridon — the leader of national agricultural business.


Team competitions, in which 5 countries, 9 teams and 18 athletes took place, became possible thanks to the support of Eridon — the leader of national agricultural business.




In the tournament, which was actually held in complicated conditions, the athletes fought on the sand in the Hydropark in Kyiv; strong men from Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, and surely Ukraine, took place in it. Fierce fight, friendly support of each other, a squall of emotions, and evidently — permanent cheering up by spectators — that was the atmosphere at the competition site. The tournament included 8 exercises:  4 — in the qualification round for 9 teems, 4 — in the final round, but only for the leaders of the contest — two teams from Ukraine, Lashyn-Konyushok, Tyshetsky-Stakhursky, and for teams from Georgia and Estonia.




The team from Georgia seemed to be extremely strong in some exercises, in the result of which it took 4th place.  Strong men from Cherkasy — Tyshetsky-Stakhursky — fought with confidence till the very end in all exercises, but they obviously had to work out to be recognized not as amateurs, but as 100% professionals. The guys won bronze medal. The team from Estonia, a formidable weapon of foreigners at this competition, showed decent results in all exercises, very balanced team work, and as a result thereof won a silver medal. Lashyn-Konyushok, top athletes of the Ukrainian team, real professionals of all-round strong men. Sergiy Konyushok mentioned that not everything used to work as they wished to during the tournament, but none planed to give up the victory, and a gold medal was finally won by this couple.




The tournament was held with the assistance of Eridon, under the slogan «Revive healthy spirit of Ukrainian nation together with Eridon!».


Ukraine has to feel that the efforts of Eridon in the partnership with Konyushok sport events regarding propaganda of healthy lifestyle are necessary for Ukrainian nation. Even today these competitions cultivate aspiration to healthy lifestyle, honest fight and victory among Ukrainians. The more so the Eridon business personifies all these aspirations.




Eridon is a real agricultural strong man!