II International Conference «Effective Management of Big Agricultural Companies» was held with assistance of Eridon


Last week the association Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business gathered representatives of the largest agricultural companies from Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Europe in the hotel Premier Palace in the capital of Ukraine to hold II International Conference «Effective Management of Big Agricultural Companies».




Eridon in its turn was an exclusive sponsor of this event.




246 representatives of agricultural companies and holdings took part in the conference. Businessmen and experts talked about the latest agricultural decisions of the government, about formation of the land market, and about international experience in agricultural business conduct.


Another topics discussed at the conference were: global tendencies in the world economy, areas of agricultural development in the world, optimal models of management of big agricultural companies, dynamics of agricultural holdings development, modern technologies and their application in different countries, prerequisites of investment attraction, economy efficiency enhancement factors, competitiveness and ways to raise it.