Own production

On July 30, 2009 Eridon held a ceremonial opening of a modern seed plant for purification, calibration, treatment and packaging of seeds of such agricultural crops as wheat, barley, peas, soybean, rape, corn, sunflower etc., in the village Pochuiky, Popilnyansky district, Zhytomyr region.




It is not by chance that Zhytomyr region was chosen for construction works. At first, this region was appropriate soil and climatic conditions. At second, the plant was created on the basis of own resources of Eridon, that is PAE Ukraina.  Besides, the level of economy development and modern agricultural machinery involved there meets the highest requirements. 100% of area at Ukraina is sown with the seeds delivered by Eridon, the process level of which meets advanced crop cultivation technologies.


During the last years national consumption of high-quality seeds has grown considerably. A share of export of commercial grain used to grow and continues growing. It happens much due to mastering advanced technologies and seed quality improvement. Well, good seeds make a great contribution to the quality and amount of crops. The tendency towards increase in the grain crop capacity under reduction of their cultivation areas has been observed during the last years. I.e., the same crop that used to be harvested from bigger area is now harvested from smaller area. It has become possible thanks to application of advanced crop cultivation technologies, and using new sorts of intensive type with higher crop capacity potential.


The main problem in seed production is material technical base. In most companies it is out-of-date, and requires thorough upgrade. Here in Ukraine we lack modern highly efficient purification machines, good machinery for seeds treatment and preparation for sowing.


Eridon seed plant is equipped with the equipment produced by Petkus, which meets all world up-to-date standards in this field. Production of seed material is carried out under the permanent control of farming agronomists and specialists of German seed company DSV. The process of seed treatment and taking seeds to high sowing conditions is controlled by Eridon specialists — laboratory assistant implements permanent control over the quality of manufactured seed material, and checks its compliance with the standards on an hourly basis.


The output of seed plant for purification, calibration, treatment and packaging of agricultural crops is 10 tons/hour. At the final stage equipment enables receiving seeds of the highest conditions, which corresponds to world quality standards.  High level of production process automation ensures round-the-clock continuous production of seeds in three shifts, with only 6 employees per shift.


Preparation of seeds includes a complex process chain — from gathering with a combine to packaging into appropriate tare:

    • The process of seed preparation starts in the laboratory, where the quality of incoming seed material and ready products (seeds) is checked. The quality of ready products is checked on an hourly basis by experienced experts, using the method of laboratory research and identification;
    • From the dump pit seed material goes to the universal purification machine U-12 with the maximum output of 70 tons/hour, where primary cleaning from coarse and fine admixtures and dust takes places by aspiration and separation;
    • Then grain is sent for storage to silage or to the purification line. For secondary purification seed material goes to the purification machine U-15;
    • Further on, grain is cleaned and sorted by length of grains in the grain cleaner, and long or short admixtures are separated from the basic product;
    • The next purification operation takes place at the pneumatic table KD-400, unique for Ukraine, where not only empty seeds, but also light and straw seeds with low germination power are separated;
    • The final seed processing action is its delivery to electronic optical sorting machine Sortex Z+2B and artificial high-accuracy sorting of non-grade seeds:
      • naked seeds;
      • misshapen seeds;
      • plant residues.


    • Treatment is carried out at the continuous seed mixer ST 5-25, seeds are treated with fungicides and pest control chemicals. Precise dozing is ensured with the help of computer. Air goes through the system of filters to ensure operator’s work safety;
    • Grain packaging is carried out by modern equipment for packaging seeds into paper bags and big bags. Seeds are packed into bags from 25 to 1000 kg, and into big bags from 1000 kg and more, depending on the customer's order.


The plant processes up to 240 tons of grain per day. The throughput capacity allows processing not only home-made seeds, but also delivering services of seed material processing to other companies.


Seeds are delivered not only to Ukrainian agricultural manufacturers, but are also exported to other CIS countries.


Absolute advantage in the work of seed complex is transparency in the work with the customer, admission of representatives to the plant operation processes, possibility to check implementation of all stages of seeds processing at any moment on the web with the help of web cameras, and provision of full information on each specific operation.


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